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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2006|10:28 pm]
Vassar 2009

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone would like to host for me for an overnight when I visit Vassar. The overnight would be on the night of April 10th, and I would visit the college during the day on April 11th.

I know this is a bit of an odd request as…I don’t know any of you. But, I am really interested in getting the real feel of Vassar and what better way to actually hang out w/ a student?

I am very relaxed and would be up for mostly anything. I would bring my own sleeping bag and pillow, pay for all my own stuff (like dinner or whatever) and…be eternally grateful! The college does sometimes arrange overnights, but as a junior, this isn’t an option for me. I won’t be able to visit again until I am accepted and officially walk through the doors as a freshman, so really wanted to do this now.

To let you get a better idea of who I am (as my LJ doesn’t say much): I am looking for a liberal arts education and really want a college experience that includes great professors, small classes, open-mindedness, and a push for students to take action in their education and world. Some favorite TV shows include: Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, Prison Break (mmm…sexy guys), and Desperate Housewives. I am involved with GSA and Drama at school, and want to have a bunch of fun!

Other than that, I’m not much of a partier and would probably have to stay with someone female, as my mom is coming with me.

If not an overnight…perhaps grabbing lunch that day? Or maybe I could just come and talk to you? Coffee on campus or at a nearby café?

I’d really appreciate anything.


p.s. Also, so this isn’t really creepy, I can provide a picture so you kind of just get a sense of who I am. Oh! And if there any questions, please email: smartypiebrown@hotmail.com

AIM: smartypiebrown 2

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Research [Dec. 1st, 2005|02:31 pm]
Vassar 2009

Hey Vassar! This was x-posted to vassar

</span>I am a psychology student at Bard College conducting research for my senior thesis. I'm looking for student volunteers who had have some form of psychotherapy within the last five years to be interviewed on their opinions and experiences.

The purpose of my project is to study the experience of therapy from the point of view of the client. The majority of therapy research to date has focused on quantitatively measuring the success of specific therapies by using various assessment scales, while not directly considering how clients felt about the therapy they had received. These studies may tell us something about the effectiveness of certain therapies, but they tell us little to nothing about what the experience is like for the client. This study aims to begin to fill that gap in our understanding of therapy by asking, from the client’s perspective, what about the therapeutic process is helpful (or not) and why (or why not).

If you are interested in participating or want to find out more information, please contact:

Corinne Hoener
ch778 [at] bard [dot] edu

You will not be under any obligation to participate if you request more information. Any and all inquires are welcome and will be kept completely confidential.

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Project [Oct. 12th, 2005|03:52 pm]
Vassar 2009
Hey everyone! I'm doing an anthropology project and need people to interview. If you watch Gilmore Girls and wouldn't mind being interviewed just respond to this post, and I'll e-mail you to arrange something. Thanks! I really need help!
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2005|11:33 am]
Vassar 2009

hey does anyone know if we were supposed to have gotten our BSC assignments by now?
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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2005|10:13 am]
Vassar 2009


ummm you guys.


do you realize how close we are?! i'm excited beyond words. AHHH. lets go right now!



alexandria/alex/dempsey/omgg i cant wait.

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missed the deadline! [Aug. 20th, 2005|02:09 pm]
Vassar 2009

['09 pride with a side of |embarrassedembarrassed]

i've posted this on the myspace and facebook groups, but i need all the help i can get:
ok i hope i'm not the only person with this problem... because GOD that would be embarrassing, but what are you supposed to do if you kind of missed the deadline for finishing the drug and alcohol course?

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philly to vassar transportation help [Aug. 19th, 2005|02:46 pm]
Vassar 2009


my transportation plans have fallen through, and now i am frantically trying to find a way to get all of my stuff from philadelphia to vassar (so anyone going through philly or from philly, i could use your help)

it would be nice to find someone to take most of what i can't (there's not too much), but even if you can just take a bag or box or two, it would be great. i am particularly hopeful to find someone who can take it up the 25, 26, or 27--or sooner, as i have have a ride for myself and few things on the 26th. if someone can take a good portion of it, i can offer some money for gas or homemade (vegan) cookies.

please, if you've got some room, let me know. you can reply here or fabibeau@vassar.edu


xposted to vassar.
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Just breathe [Jul. 31st, 2005|03:19 pm]
Vassar 2009

['09 pride with a side of |nervousnervous]

In 8 hours and 45 minutes it will be August 1! That means that in just four short weeks we will be at Vassar!! Is anyone else just a little (8 hours 44 minutes!) freaked out, right about now? I've just been thinking about all the things I still need to take care of- I still need to buy luggage, finish some paper work, send pictures (I just got a letter saying that Vassar still hasn't received three wallet sized pictures (8 hours 43 minutes!) of me, but I don't remember ever being asked in the first place!), and about a dozen other things.

Don't get me wrong, I am also very excited, but (8 hours 42 minutes!) I am all of the sudden feeling a bit overwhelmed. Just breathe, just breathe, just breathe. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?  

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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2005|09:33 am]
Vassar 2009

If someone could post a link to the floor plans, that would be great. I'm awful at searching web pages and have had no luck finding them myself. Thanks!
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Statement of Academic Interests form: [Jul. 24th, 2005|08:47 pm]
Vassar 2009
I don't get the question on this form: "In one sentence, your most significant academic attainment to date." Can someone explain to me what that means and what we're supposed to write?
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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2005|01:33 pm]
Vassar 2009

Ok, I swear I got a letter in the mail from Vassar about alcohol etc education that we had to take online.

I can't find it ANYWHERE.

Am I delusional, or do we have to do this? If so, does anybody have the information on it?

Thanks in advance!
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Huh! [Jul. 24th, 2005|02:45 pm]
Vassar 2009

['09 pride with a side of |goodgood]
[current distraction |Radiohead - Com Lag]

Yo everyone...

So somebody told me I'm in Davison #426! Anyone else in Davison? Anyone know anything about Davison? Oh, and how the fuck are all you kids finding out who your roommates are? I don't know about this crazy 'askbanner' thinger... somebody fill me in?

P.S. We'll be at Vassar one month from tomorrow! A-freaking-mazing.

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LATHROP!!!!! [Jul. 24th, 2005|01:28 am]
Vassar 2009

['09 pride with a side of |accomplished]

For those in Lathrop....

My friend who I met on LJ (she's a sophomore) gave me this floorplan of the dorm floor. I put it behind the cut so you guys can see where you're at. It's the second floor, but just change the '2' to your first number ;)

kinda big pictureCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2005|10:31 pm]
Vassar 2009
CUSHING 229...cushing anyone?
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hello! [Jul. 23rd, 2005|12:00 pm]
Vassar 2009

Hi I'm Chelsea... I've seen all of you on facebook or myspace or the message boards. :)
I'm in Main, room 465. I can't wait.
anyone else in Main?
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